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Tiny House Design December 1, 2010

When my youngest son Kyle was given an assignment in his high school architectural drafting class to design a tiny house of only 11’ x 11’ with a maximum height of 12’, I decided to also take on the challenge for myself. The smallest mountain retreat I had ever designed was a 390 square foot Appalachian cabin. So, thinking outside the box, I wanted to see what could be done with only 121 square feet. Believing that this design (see photo inset) could very well be one of the worlds tiniest homes, I did some internet research and was pleasantly surprised to find some really interesting projects even smaller than mine.

If you are interested to learn more, check out these resources: Little Retreats by Jane Tidbury; Tiny Houses by Lester Walker; Compact Houses: Architecture for the Environment by Christian Del Valle; and Little House on a Small Planet by Shay Solomon.