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2010 Green Building Expo, Virtual Conference

This was the first live virtual online conference I have ever attended. It was divided into four venues which you could navigate through. The first venue was the Main Hall. Here is where you viewed personal profiles of attendees and obtained announcements; accessed your personal briefcase where you could store white papers, case studies, and personal files.

The second venue was the Exhibition Hall where you could explore exhibitor booths and gather information about the company, it’s products and view presentations. As you entered the booth an audio/video greeted you, and you could also speak live via chat or email with a booth representative, and even chat with other attendees visiting the same booth. There was an information kiosk where you could sign up for newsletters, view demo videos, gather contact information, obtain website links and even sign up for prize giveaways like i-pods.

The third venue, and most interesting to me was the Conference Hall. This provided both live and on demand webcast seminars. You could also download podcasts for later listening. The presentations were audio video webcasts synchronized with Power Point slides. These were also interactive presentations where you could submit questions to the presenters and received responses.

The last area was The Resource Center which has a press room, announcement board, the agenda to view, and even had a networking lounge where you could communicate online with other attendees. Overall I thought this approach to attending conferences was fantastic. It saved time and money traveling, allowing me the convenience of attending from my home with no environmental impact. I especially enjoyed the keynote “Achieving Success in Green Building” presented by motivational speaker and author Jack Canfield. Another seminar of interest was “A New Technology for Building Green Affordably” presented by Global Building Systems Inc. Can’t wait to attend the next virtual conference event.